Leadership Speech

Dalian Huayi Fengte Steel Products Co., Ltd. came into being in the wave of China's reform and opening up, modernization and world economic integration. Facing new challenges and opportunities, it is fulfilling its strong strength, excellent performance and continuous growth. The promise of serving the motherland and benefiting society.
Dalian Huayi Fengte Steel Products Co., Ltd. is an established and famous company in the special steel products industry. The company's various special steel products integrate the advantages of brand, capital, technology, and talents, relying on unique resource advantages and Location advantages, adhering to the idea of "integrity, science and technology, innovation, and excellence", with the courage and courage of the steel backbone of the Northeast people, with a more open attitude and a broader mind, we will face the world, work hard, work hard, create value for users, create value for investors, and create value for employees. With the continuous progress of the enterprise, we will make due contributions to the development of China's economy and society and even the global economy and society.
Here, on behalf of all the staff of Dalian Huayi Fengte Steel products Co., Ltd., I would like to pay tribute to all walks of life and new and old friends who have given care and support to Dalian Huayi Fengte Steel products Co., Ltd. and express my most sincere thanks!
May we sincerely cooperate and work together to create a better tomorrow!