Classification of uses of steel

structural steel

(1) Structural steel for construction and engineering, abbreviated as construction steel, refers to steel used to make metal structural components in buildings, bridges, ships, boilers, or other engineering projects. Such as carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, steel reinforcement, etc.

(2) Structural steel for mechanical manufacturing refers to the steel used to manufacture structural components on mechanical equipment. This type of steel is basically high-quality steel or high-grade high-quality steel, mainly including high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, easy cutting structural steel, spring steel, rolling bearing steel, etc

tool steel

Generally used for manufacturing various tools, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, etc. According to their usage, they can be further divided into cutting tool steel, mold steel, and measuring tool steel.

special steel

Steel with special properties, such as stainless acid resistant steel, heat-resistant non peeling steel, high resistance alloy, wear-resistant steel, magnetic steel, etc.

Professional steel

This refers to steel used for professional purposes in various industrial sectors, such as automotive steel, agricultural machinery steel, aviation steel, chemical machinery steel, boiler steel, electrical steel, welding rod steel, etc.

Dalian Huayifeng Special Steel Products Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhou Economic Development Zone, Dalian, specializing in the production of various special steel wire rods. Less than 1 kilometer away from Shenzhen Dalian Expressway, Harbin Dalian Expressway, and Chang'an Railway, the transportation is convenient.

The company was established in 1987 and has now become a medium-sized professional production enterprise with fixed assets of 50 million yuan, annual revenue of 100 million yuan, factory area of 30000 square meters, and building area of 20000 square meters for various special steel wires.

The company has a complete set of 25 production equipment, including wire drawing machines, straightening machines, heat treatment furnaces, grinders, and surface treatment equipment, as well as comprehensive testing equipment such as metallographic microscopes, hardness testers, and material testing machines, which can perform various physical performance tests.

Our main products are 440C stainless steel, Dalian stainless steel, Dalian steel products, and Dalian special steel products. We strictly follow national standards to organize production and provide customized products. Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to the United States, Canada, India, Taiwan, and other places.

The enterprise passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification of China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd. in 2001, and was awarded the "Contract abiding and Credit abiding" unit by the Liaoning Provincial Government in 2002.


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