Popularize the knowledge of stainless steel, is it better to have a higher grade?

Improve your knowledge of stainless steel. Stainless steels with grades such as 201, 304, and 316 only indicate their rust resistance. To put it bluntly, those with higher grades are less likely to rust, regardless of whether they are toxic or not!

The matrix of all stainless steel is iron. In order to prevent iron from rusting, the addition of manganese, nickel, chromium, etc. in iron can create rust resistance in metal products. Different ratios of manganese, nickel, and chromium form different grades of stainless steel materials (201, 304, 314, 316...). High grade stainless steel uses more precious metals such as nickel and chromium, so high grade stainless steel is also more expensive. So everyone should know the reasons why the price of stainless steel insulated cups varies!

Speaking of whether it is toxic or not, most people say that metal containers made of 201 stainless steel are toxic because the proportion of manganese in the metal used in 201 stainless steel is higher than other grades, and manganese metal can be harmful to the body when it enters the human body in large quantities (this amount, to what extent, everyone asks Du Niang). So, will the manganese in 201 stainless steel precipitate and dissolve into water in metal containers used for daily water storage? Can the answer be determined. As long as the temperature reaches above 1800 degrees, the metal can dissolve and precipitate. Manganese metal can enhance the hardness of iron, so the vast majority of metal products contain manganese, including stainless steel of 304, 314. Why do all stainless steel products "experts" advocate not to use alkaline or acidic liquids? Due to the ability of acidic and alkaline liquids to corrode metals. So, the stainless steel products you just use to hold water are safe. If you have money, you can buy those with higher grades, and if you don't have money, it doesn't matter if you buy those with lower grades. As long as they don't rust, you can use them with confidence.

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